Painting or Staining – Which is Better?

Fence Painting Companies in Fort Lauderdale

Fence painting companies in Fort Lauderdale offer a number of options for sealing or “finishing” a fence. The right sealing can ensure your fence stays protected from the elements, no matter their intensity, for years to come. The three most commonly used options for finishing a fence include staining, painting, or leaving it as is without a seal.

All options have their own benefits and limitations, which makes understanding these important when choosing the right one for your property’s fence. Continue reading to learn the basic differences between painting and staining a fence and how they might benefit you. After reading, choosing the best option for you will be much easier.

Painting A Fence

Painting fences was once the most common choice before new methods and options became available for staining. Unfortunately, painting does not always provide the best benefits for fences and its popularity has declined in recent years because of this. A major limitation of painting fences is the need to perform regular maintenance which can be a nuisance.

Paint has a tendency to peel and crack as it is exposed to the environment over the course of time. This can give a fence an ugly and damaged look, which can detract aesthetically. Furthermore, choosing fence painting companies in Fort Lauderdale to paint a fence will mean having to repaint the fence every one to three years. Repainting the fence is a challenge in itself.

In order to properly repaint the fence, you will need to first remove all the existing paint from the surface by scraping it off. Scraping the paint off can be a difficult and time-consuming process which can also end up costing you more in the long run. There are a few alternatives to painting a fence which will give your fence an aesthetically pleasing look.

Vinyl is one option that offers that clean, white picket fence look without the need to stain or paint the fence. The only maintenance vinyl requires is cleaning the surface from time to time to ensure it stays looking new. Solid white stain, however, is a very popular choice that fence painting companies in Fort Lauderdale will often recommend to customers.

Staining A Fence

Fence staining has become a popular choice in recent years because it is a convenient option that requires very little maintenance when compared to other choices. Although the initial cost for staining a fence is slightly more expensive than other options, it is a great investment that will last years to come without requiring a re-stain.

Fence staining will at some point require a re-staining since the stain will fade over the course of time. However, this is not as difficult or frequent as with paint. Staining comes in a number of varieties which can change the look of a fence without sacrificing the benefits provided. Fence painting companies in Fort Lauderdale will typically offer solid stain but there are also semi-transparent and fully transparent fence staining options.

Fence staining is an extremely beneficial and convenient option for not only protecting your fence but also creating the look you want. Investing in staining your fence will keep it looking great for much longer and requires far less maintenance than other options.

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Fence Painting Companies in Fort Lauderdale

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