South Florida Anodized Aluminum Services

With aluminum surfaces, particularly those in high traffic areas or where the surface will endure lots of abrasion and use, Anodizing is a popular alternative to painting.  An electrochemical process, anodizing forms a hard and durable protective coating of aluminum oxide on the surface of the aluminum.  Anodized aluminum becomes part of the metal itself, creating a coated surface that cannot peel or flake.  Anodizing is also less expensive than painting in most cases.  

Anodizing creates a richer metallic appearance than can be achieved with organic coatings by exposing the natural metallic surface of the aluminum and is not vulnerable to the effects of sun exposure. Anodized coatings may also be dyed to create various colors.If you are interested in Anodized Aluminum for your South Florida aluminum surfaces, contact Fence Painting Pros today to find out if Anodizing is the right solution for your needs and we will be happy to discuss your options as well as to provide you with a Free Quote for your job.

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