South Florida Industrial Painting

Fence Painting Pros is one of the only locally-based providers of Industrial Painting services here in South Florida.  Due to the intense climate conditions in our area, it is important to work with a contractor who understands the unique qualities of South Florida’s subtropical climate and its effect on steel and other industrial equipment surfaces.  Industrial painting is crucial to not only preserving the aesthetics of industrial equipment but extending the lifespan of your costly industrial machinery and equipment by protecting them from degradation from the elements.

What We Paint

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Galvanized Fencing
  • School Lockers
  • Light Poles
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Water Towers
  • Handrails
  • Guardrails  
  • Metal Staircases
  • Chain Link & Iron Fencing
  • Columns & Beams
  • Structural Supports
  • Extrusions
  • Security Doors

The key to proper industrial painting starts with proper surface preparation.  Without a clean and properly prepared surface, paints will not adhere and protect the surfaces to which they are being applied.  At Fence Painting Pros, we use a variety of techniques to properly prepare the surface including pressure washing, power washing, sandblasting, chemical cleaning, abrasion and more.

Our technicians possess expertise in all forms of painting including airless spray painting via Electrostatic and Powder Coating techniques.  We also offer and apply a wide variety of low VOC, industrial grade protective coatings to enhance durability and to resist the elements.  Our job at Fence Painting Pros is to select the right processes and materials for each industrial painting job and get it done right the first time.  This helps to keep costs down, get jobs done on time, maintain surface integrity and keep our customers happy.  Call us today for a Free Quote and find out why South Florida trusts Fence Painting Pros for the most demanding Industrial Painting projects.

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