South Florida Powder Coating

Fence Painting Pros is South Florida’s trusted source for all types of Powder Coating requirements.  Whether yours is a Residential or Commercial job, our onsite and offsite Powder Coating services can meet your needs at the right time and the right price.  

Powder Coating is a process that differs from liquid painting in that powder coatings are applied as a dry powder then cured in an oven to set the paint.  The surface to be painted is prepared with an electrostatic charge which draws the sprayed powder coating to the surface, eliminating off spray, mess and waste associated with traditional spray paints.  It is a more efficient and less expensive process than traditional painting.

Most metal surfaces today are powder coated and no solvents are used nor is any hazardous waste generated from the Powder Coating process.  Here is an abbreviated list of what Fence Painting Pros can powder coat:

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Marine and Boat Parts
Bicycle and Motorcycle Parts
Off-Road, ATV’s and Sandrails
Garden and Outdoor Equipment
Gym and Playground Equipment
Metal Sculpture and Art

Aluminum Castings and Extrusions
Structural Steel
Patio furniture
Wrought Iron
Metal Stairs and Walkways

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